A few words about us
Cyril Architects

The predecessor of this firm began circa l97l, under Thng H.H.& Associates. During these years it contributed to the development scene especially in the industrial areas. ln i987, the firm was transferred to Cyril l<.H. Seah, an architect with many years of experience gleaned from involvement in both large and small projects. Since its inception it has concentrated on maintaining the tradition of practising sound architecture.

The firm has expanded rapidly over the past years. At all times we have stressed the need for quality and good service. We have always borne in mind that the firm exists for the client.

In the future we will continue to develop and expand, to upgrade and keep abreast of changes and above all, to serve.

Cyril K.H. Seah Architects is basically client orientated. Our philosophy is simple. We try to translate into concrete form the needs, dreams and aspirations of people who come to us: no fuss, no gimmicks, and always conscious of the budget of the client. Our firm seeks to serve and do so as best we can.

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